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Images: Please direct me to a website where I can get an idea of your work, by writing info (at) billtravisphoto (dot) com. If your work is accepted for the blog, I will need six to eight images, from which I’ll make the final choice. They should be formatted as follows: jpegs, 72 dpi, 600 pixels maximum width, saved for web, 200k maximum file size. Try to keep all images horizontal or vertical; a mix usually does not look good in a post.

Text: The text should be 400-700 words in length and can address how you made the work, what inspired you, a technique you developed, a concept, your personal history and its relationship to your work, a memory, a dream, etc. I reserve the right to make editorial changes. It is expected that the piece will be at a high level.

Captions: Please provide captions for each image, as follows: Artist name, “Title,” medium or technique, H X W (specify in. or cm.), date.

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