James Teschner: Landscapes


I paint outdoors near my home in remote farmlands of central France.


The direct experience of being in the landscape, often standing in the same field for months on end, is crucial to my creative process.


My work in recent years has focused primarily on the setting sun and those moments leading towards nightfall,


whereby the landscape is either being obliterated, almost devoured by the sun’s all consuming luminosity


or being dissolved by the receding, diminishing light.


Since obtaining his MFA in painting at Yale University in 1984, James Teschner has had numerous exhibitions in the United States, Italy, and France, where he now lives. He has taught at Parsons and Yale and received numerous honors and awards, including residencies in Co. Kerry, Ireland, and Venice, Italy. He currently has a one-man show at OK Harris Gallery, in New York City, which runs from April 20th through May 25th.



One thought on “James Teschner: Landscapes

  1. I really like the oranges and yellows that the artist used. These colors remind me of the Arizona desert. These are simple colorful landscapes done by James Teshner.

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